Download BitComet Android

Release Date:
Platform Support:
Android 7.0 or above
v0.6.0 [Android] 2020.10.23
Improvement: add start downloading all, start seeding all, stop all tasks commands in option menu of task list
Improvement: add share button for downloaded files
Bug Fix: reduce program crashes and enhance stability
v0.5.2 [Android] 2020.10.19
Improvement: improve translation
Bug Fix: reduce program crashes and enhance stability
v0.5.1 [Android] 2020.10.13
New Feature: show notification when download finished
Improvement: improve add task window layout
Improvement: improve translation
Bug Fix: add task window crash when rotate screen
v0.5.0 [Android] 2020.9.28
New Feature: support DHT network for BitTorrent download
New Feature: support copy text in task info page
New Feature: add Cleanup Task command to option menu of task page
New Feature: add Statistics page, support detect listen port forward status
v0.4.1 [Android] 2020.7.29
New Feature: support download torrent by input info hash
Bug Fix: when downloading to a public storage directory, dynamically request write permission
Bug Fix: task info is not refreshed in time
v0.4.0 [Android] 2020.7.28
New Feature: support torrent / magnet download directly in mobile phone
New Feature: support HTTP download directly in mobile phone
New Feature: support open downloaded video files using a third-party player
New Feature: add task delete command in option menu for Remote Connections
New Feature: add listen port option in settings page
Improvement: limit cache size to 10MB for video file playback from Remote Connections
v0.3.0 [Android] 2020.6.30
New Feature: add full screen button to video play toolbar
v0.2.0 [Android] 2020.6.13
New Feature: ability to change playback speed when playing video files
v0.1.0 [Android] 2020.6.11
New Feature: add remote connection to BitComet desktop edition by scanning QR code
New Feature: ability to add, view, start and stop download tasks in BitComet desktop edition
New Feature: ability to play video files downloaded in BitComet desktop edition