eMule Plugin for BitComet

eMule Plugin for BitComet is a modification of eMule (eMule MOD). It downloads data from the ED2K network for BitComet while BitTorrent downloading, and it also uploads to the ED2K network while BitTorrent uploading.


The eMule Plugin is only a optional plugin. Please remember that it may not speed up your download because the ED2K network will eat your bandwidth. But it may be very useful to complete your download by finding seeds in the ED2K network if there is no seed in the BitTorrent network.


Download latest eMule plugin here: (compatible with BitComet v1.11 and later)

eMule plugin v1.24a (0.50a)

eMule plugin (Xtreme Mod) v1.24a (8.0/0.50a)


Note: You can select one of them to install with BitComet. Installing both of them is not supported.

The old versions of eMule Plugin for BitComet can be found in the history archive page.

The source code of the eMule Plugin is available here: eMule plugin src / eMule plugin(Xtreme Mod) src.